Sunday, October 18, 2009

MAP- Reading Fluency

MAP is a fluency procedure designed by Raskinski and stands for:
  1. MODEL fluent reading for our students.
  2. ASSISTED READING- reading with a student at the same time
  3. PRACTICE- repeated reading of the same piece over and over. This increases the fluency of that piece but also improves future reading.

These are all things Raskinski has found increase the fluency in children as measured by reading CBMs.

He also designed the Fluency Development Lesson that follows:

1. Provide students with a copy of a text that is around 200 words. Each student gets two copies and a copy is also displayed on a Smart Board.

2. The teacher reads this text 3 times.

3. The piece is then discussed.

4. The teacher then asks the students to read the piece with him/her 3 times.

5. Students will then pair up with a partner and will practice 3 times each.

6. Students then get a chance to read the piece aloud as a performance on a podcast to be emailed to their parents (not daily- at least not in my case).

7. A word wall is created with interesting or difficult words (Smartboard).

8 Students are sent home with a copy of the piece to read 3 times to their parents.

9. The next day the piece was re-read once more before another piece of writing was introduced.

10. The copy used at school is put into a binder and a reading slam will take place every Friday.

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