Friday, March 27, 2009

Undercover Reading!

On March 9, 2009 Winchell Elementary's Reading Super Hero was kidnapped from his home by an evil reading villain! A police investigation revealed 3 possible suspects however, they needed the help of Winchell students to figure out which suspect committed the crime! For every 1,000 AR points students read, a clue would be released.

Was it Cartoona who watches cartoons 24/7 and skips everywhere she walks, Electroman who is obsessed with electronics, or Bibliax who steals books from students' backpacks so they can't read at home???!!!

After 1 month of diligent reading, Winchell students discover...


On March 27, 2009 a Kalamazoo police officer arrived at Winchell Elementary School in Kalamazoo, Michigan to arrest Cartoona! Before the police officer got the chance to handcuff her, Cartoona apologized and cried that she just wanted to be a Winchell R.O.C.K.Star. It was at that moment that Winchell students taught Cartoona that all she had to do was read 20 minutes a day. She could even read cartoons or turned the closed captioning on while watching cartoons to increase her reading fluency. Cartoona was relieved and convinced the other reading villains to change their ways as well.

Bibliax decided to borrow books from the library rather than steal them. Electroman decided to use electronics to improve his reading by going to educational websites, listening to stories on his ipod, and making a podcast of him reading stories to children.

After each villain had decided the change their ways they rushed out the school gym to go help Cartoona free Super Rock. The crowd started cheering as Super Rock flew into the gym! Winchell students had done it- they had saved Super Rock!

The crowd started to dance with excitement and a party erupted in the gym.

Even though Super Rock is free we must never forget how Winchell students joined forces to read and defeat the evil reading villains! 20 minutes a day is the Winchell Way!!!

Photographs by Kathie Gibson

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