Friday, October 24, 2008


I started Power Teaching this week- links are below to see what it is exactly.
6th Grade Math 1

6th Grade Math 2

11 Year Old Power Teaching

Crazy Professor Game

Below is a link to a video of my 6th graders talking about Power Teaching as well as some of their comments after a few lessons. 26 out of 27 kids in the class LOVED it!!!

Student Feedback on Power Teaching

“I don’t like power teaching because I don’t like to move a lot.”

“I think it is like another resses! Wich means I Love it. It is one of the best things I ever heard of! Well I realy heard it! I think Ms. Shaw and Ms. Roberts class heard it too!”

“I like power teaching because it tends to keep people connected.”

“I liked power teaching. I liked power teaching do to the new class attention and how it is way more exciting.”

“I like power teaching because I like saying yes, yes when she say class, class and it is always crazy. And it’s fun.”

“I like power teaching because it becomes a little more fun and people aren’t always screaming.”

“Yes I like power teaching because it is very energetic. I love energetic and It’s fun while you learn. I heart power teaching.”

“I do like the power teaching meathod. I like it because earn rewards by getting smiles. It’s also kind of cool to answer you with a yes.”

“I like power stuff cuose its hayper.”

“I like power teaching because it is more fun. You get to move around and you don’t have to just sit around and do boring work.
The work is more fun when you get to move around so far I like power teaching.”

“I liked power teaching because it was more energetic than normal school. We didn’t stay still and we got to talk a lot.”

“I like power teaching very much because you get to move around and have miniature one second parties.”

“I do like power teaching because it is full of energy and it envolves the class with the work and it teaches them to pay attention.”

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Esme Raji Codell said...

Karen, thank you for sharing! I loved learning about this technique, and I'm eager to give it a whirl. Your blog is excellent and I'm glad to "know" ya...