Thursday, April 3, 2008

UDL Resources

Universal design is using technology to make content accessible to all students using their strengths and how they learn best. Universal design eliminates the irrelevant constructs of a lesson or possible "road blocks" to learning. The Number 1 site for more information on this topic is however, here are a few others!
Curriculum-Based Measurement
A commercial website for CBM. It is very similar to DIBELS, but includes more academic areas.
This site provides instruction, tools, and performance standards for improving academic and social behaviors using an instructional measurement practice called Precision Teaching.
This site is sponsored by the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs. Provides information on monitoring progress.
University of Minnesota sponsored website for the Research Institute on Progress Monitoring.

Note-taking Highlight and put sticky notes on websites. Access your highlighting from any computer! Print off sheets to take notes on for class.
Study Skills
Make flashcards to help you study.
Survey Creator
Create your own survey and see the data on this free website.

Find clips from movies dealing with math.
Reading Fluency
Listen to books online for free.
Read easy reader books online. Allows readers to click on words they don’t know. There are also games.
Free online audio books for individuals to check out through their public library account for two weeks. Great for students to have a hard copy of a book along with an audio copy to follow along with!

Add subtitles to a Bollywood video. Great for teaching "voice" in the 6 Traits.
Automatic citation maker.
Write a story and have it look like a newspaper clipping!
Add words to a photograph that you find captivating.

Social Studies
Create virtual time capsule slideshows set to music.
Word Processing
Internet-based word processing. Documents are saved online in your account.
Convert Word Files to PDF and have them emailed to you.
Let friends and family know what you are up to.
Stay in touch with friends and create events.

Teaching Strategies
Florida Center for Reading Research
Council for Exceptional Children
International Mind, Brain, Education Society
LD Online
Intervention Central
The IRIS Center
What Works Clearinghouse
Doing What Works
Website for Dr. Elizabeth Whitten- click on “Strategy Bibliography” for strategies

Blogs for Educators
A blog on integrating technology in the classroom.
A blog on only the best children's lit from the official expert in readiology!

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