Sunday, March 30, 2008

Leader v. Creator

What is the difference between a leader and a creator? I watched a video today called Creativity and Leadership: Making the Mind Extraordinary, Howard Gardner: In-Depth (1998). It was quite interesting and asked the question- what makes a great leader or creator?

Leaders- lead through stories, ideas, and the way they lead their lives. They directly share with audiences and have linguistic and interpersonal talents. They have a rhythm of success and failure however, they do not quit when they fail. They reflect after a failure to determine what to do better next time. They take risks and say what's on their mind. They have high energy and always need to be in charge of something.

Creators- solve problems, fashion products, and ask questions within a specific domain in a novel manner. Their work is acceptable in their culture. They share their ideas in more indirect ways such as through essays, theories, and other means.

So what are you... a leader or a creator?

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